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Intersect’s mission is to help researchers to be more efficient and effective in their research; reducing the time to move from an idea to a tested solution. Intersect provides an extensive range of technology focused training to researchers and higher degree research (HDR) students across Australia including training courses at the awareness, introductory, and intermediate to advanced levels, covering the breadth of research-relevant digital tools and technologies. The training is delivered by Intersect’s team of experts.

Ranging from awareness to advanced levels, delivered either face-to-face or online, and covering categories such as Research Computing, Programming, Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI), Statistics, Data Visualisation, Data Collection and Data Management, Intersect’s live hands-on training courses help researchers to maximise their research productivity. Intersect’s entire course catalogue (including courses that are under development) is shown in the diagram below.


More information about Intersect’s full course catalogue including description, learning outcomes, prerequisites, and more for each of the training courses can be found here.

Types of Training

Intersect continually revises, updates, and expands its Course Catalogue so researchers always have access to the most relevant and useful research training. Researchers at Intersect member organisations can enjoy training courses at no charge, funded through their organisation’s membership package. We also offer training for non-member universities or organisations on a fee-for-service basis (Open Training).

Intersect Training Success

Since inception in 2008, Intersect Australia has delivered over 2,000 courses to more than 30,000 researchers and HDR students. The entire training catalogue is interactive and instructor-led and can be delivered either face-to-face or online. In 2021, Intersect delivered over 340 online training courses to more than 6,700 researchers. 

Intersect operates a comprehensive, data-driven quality control process to ensure robust, quality delivery of training, including a course evaluation survey at the end of each course. In 2021, all primary metrics for measuring the quality of the training delivery exceeded 9.4 out of 10. A common industry measure of participant satisfaction is theNet-Promoter Score (NPS), in which attendees are asked how likely they are to recommend Intersect training to others. NPS in 2021 is +75 which is considered outstanding in industry. For context, Intersect’s all-time NPS is +64, meaning that Intersect training is very high quality, and is improving in recent months and years.


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