Collaborative Graduate Education

The inaugural Collaborative Graduate Education Program at Intersect aims to establish, coordinate, and manage collaborative online graduate teaching for Australian higher degree research students. Renowned professors, researchers, and scientists are invited from multiple institutions on the basis of expertise to contribute voluntarily to graduate-level courses.

The main driver is the manifest need within the Australian research sector – particularly graduate research students and early career researchers – for open access to comprehensive, high quality, advanced online graduate education. This can be delivered as a collaborative research community endeavour encompassing contributions from nationally leading scientists and large national scientific facilities. This driver aligns with Intersect’s strategic plan to widen our traditional services from short skills-based training courses into larger scale collaborative advanced courses for the research community in a way that both assists – and is complementary to – the higher education institutions’ agendas. Furthermore, the initiative coincides with and complements the agenda of Tier 1 HPCD facilities in Australia to efficiently train more skilled HPC users for advanced research and industry workforces in various HPC related domains.

A key element in uplifting this initiative for collaborative graduate education and research community outreach is engaging with and bringing on board numerous strategic stakeholders including national computational facilities; organising committee members; hands-on tutorial experts, teaching professors and so forth to ensure effective operation and successful delivery. 

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Dr. Meiyun Chang-Smith

Education and Outreach Manager

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