Attribution Policy

Intersect Attribution Rights

The Client (‘you’) agree that it is a condition of engagement of Intersect Australia Limited (‘us’) in relation to the provision of any services by us, whether in the Space, Time, Energy, Data product lines or otherwise, that the following attribution notice must be prominently displayed on any product, service, or publication (regardless of media) which includes any deliverables derived as a result of the provision by Intersect of a service to you:

“This product*, service* or publication* was enabled by Intersect Australia Limited. Learn more at

*delete whichever is inapplicable.

For online content in websites and applications, we also require that you display a “Made with Intersect Space / Time / Energy / Data” web badge on at least the splash/home page at a minimum size of 129×45 points and hyperlinked to

Intersect Publication Rights

You agree that we may publish material relating to the conduct and conclusions of the Services undertaken by us for you, including the deliverables, provided that prior to publishing any such material we will:

(a)  provide a copy of all proposed publication material, together with details of how, when and to whom it is proposed to be published, for your approval at least 30 days prior to the proposed submission date for publication (“Approval Period”), such approval only to be withheld in accordance with the provisions of clause (b), as follows;

(b) if, during the Approval Period, you reasonably request that the material not be published or submitted for publication in the form provided:

(i) where you request the material be amended to remove any of your confidential information, use all reasonable efforts to amend the proposed publication material to remove all such confidential information in which case you will be deemed to have approved publication or submission of the amended material by Intersect; and

(ii) if requested, delay publication of the material or submission of the material for publication for a period not exceeding 30 days to allow you to seek appropriate registration of any registrable IPRs.

IPRs means all registered and unregistered rights in relation to present and future copyright, trade marks, designs, know-how, patents, confidential information and all other intellectual property as defined in article 2 of the Convention establishing the World Intellectual Property Organisation 1967.

If you withhold approval or request changes under this clause you must provide reasons. You will be deemed to have approved the publication or submission of material under this clause if you do not communicate to us your decision regarding approval of the publication, with reasons if applicable, within the Approval Period.

You can also refer to our Privacy Policy here.