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Data. It surrounds us. It educates us. It changes us. Above all, it grows fast, really fast.

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Research data is our business

Changes in the technology ecosystem are revolutionising the data landscape. Research data proliferation is challenging researchers across all fields of expertise.

Research data is at the heart of Intersect’s activities. Our activities revolve around data. We can help you create, collaborate and curate the data you need. Your organisation’s membership makes it easy for researchers to access our data products and services.

Data solutions for all researchers

Intersect can help answer data questions and solve data problems across all research domains. We train researchers in research data management, data cleansing, data visualisation and more. Our data platforms and services provide ready-to-use tools for researchers to analyse, compute and reuse research data and increase productivity.

Create / Store Data

  • Intersect eResearch Analysts can help prepare and advise on data management plans, strategies and solutions.
  • We offer WorkSpace and DeepSpace to store your active and archival research data.
  • We build specialised tools to capture and package research data.
  • Learn more about our consultancy and software engineering services here

Process / Analyse Data

  • Time spans a range of cloud computing platforms:
    • The NeCTAR Research Cloud provides small to medium-sized Virtual Machines (VMs).
    • Intersect OwnTime provides larger VMs for more compute-intensive applications.
  • We offer High Performance Computing services for high-end research computing utilising parallel processing.

Learn more about our computing products here

Manage Data

  • Manage your data using Idea, an Intersect product powered by Mediaflux. Idea is a full service research data management platform that helps you categorise, describe, and manage all types of data.
  • Make data movement easier with DataBolt, an automated research data teleport system created by Intersect to implement robust, fault-tolerant data acquisition solutions for research projects.

Training on Data

  • Our training programs offer courses to help you manage your data more effectively, including: Research Data Management Techniques; Excel for Researchers; Data Visualisation; Cleaning & Exploring Data; Powerful Text Analysis with Regexes; High-Performance Computing Courses (Beginner to Advanced levels) and Software Carpentry Workshops.
  • Learn more about our training courses for researchers here

Talk to us about Intersect developed research tools

If you are a researcher within one of our member organisations, contact the Digital Research Analyst at your institution. Contact online at or Send an email to

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