Membership Training

Intersect is a not-for-profit member-based organisation. Intersect engages with its members in a variety of ways to provide direct, strategic, and technical services as well as delivering professional quality IT projects. Members benefit from shared experience, knowledge, and insight regarding the use of digital technologies for research and economies of scale to deliver common infrastructure.

The universities across Australia that are currently subscribed Intersect members can be found below.

Full Membership Training

Training is one of the main components included in the membership. The goal of the training packaged with membership is to sustainably:

  • Maximise the value provided to the member
  • Maximise the number of people trained
  • Maintain or improve the quality of training

The latest Membership Model that took effect in 2021 includes:

  • 15 fully packaged training days per year
  • Solo training days delivered by the eResearch Analyst located at the member university
  • Member exclusive rates for additional training days
  • Access to spare places on other member courses and on individually ticketed training courses scheduled by Intersect
  • Access to Intersect’s network of more than 20 eResearch Analysts and eResearch Trainers who provide an additional expertise and experience in particular courses and an increase class size for more efficient training without compromising quality
  • Access to training courses offered by strategic partners

Furthermore, full membership provides access to:

Post-training researcher support and engagement

This includes research and project specific advice and support via the eResearch Analyst at the member university, as well as by the Services Team that brings additional expertise and knowledge that covers the breadth and depth of different research disciplines.

Intersect’s bespoke training administration system

Fully developed and maintained by Intersect, Intersect’s training administration system integrates all aspects of training management and administration, from integrations with EventBrite (registration) and WordPress (scheduling information), through to comprehensive training analytics and reporting.

Comprehensive training analytics and reporting

Intersect collects and transparently reports various quality feedback metrics including the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a widely used metric within industry, as well as additional metrics measuring the quality of training delivery. Additional quantitative and qualitative feedback is collated from attendees to provide specific insights to guide future improvements. Moreover, comprehensive Training Reports accompany the Annual Member Value Report to provide detailed, transparent accountability for the training service delivery and to aid in strategic planning and improvements for the forthcoming years. Intersect is also actively working to establish robust and reliable methods for assessing the impact of training on research outputs and outcomes. 

If you would like to learn more about Intersect membership, please get in touch with

Dr. Jonathan Arthur

Head of Membership Services
T: +61 2 8079 2500
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