What is DIVER?

DIVER (Data Is Vital for Empirical Research) is a general purpose, user-friendly research data capture and sharing application.

DIVER is a full lifecycle research data management solution, developed by Intersect for the University of Western Sydney Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment (HIE).

A comprehensive product overview is available on Github.

DIVER is particularly beneficial where the researcher needs to quickly organize and share their file-based data locally or with an international community.  DIVER provides functionality beyond traditional organisational file shares addressing contemporary research needs such as data provenance and lifecycle management, data access management, management of metadata, data citation and reproducibility of research.

Who can access DIVER?

DIVER is Open Source software and available to all researchers at Intersect member institutions.

Intersect has experience in assisting researchers/research groups to establish a DIVER instance through its Software Engineering capability.  Hosted solutions may also be managed by Intersect where required.

How do I access DIVER?  

For more detailed discussion on the potential to deploy DIVER within an Intersect member institution, contact the eResearch Analyst at your institution.
Alternatively, email to help@intersect.org.au

What else do I need to know about DIVER?

DIVER is Australian Access Federation (AAF) enabled, meaning that users can connect to the system using their institutional username and password.

DIVER has been under continuous development by Intersect for a variety of different research disciplines.

A community of DIVER users communicates via diver-community@googlegroups.com to discuss suggestions for new features as well as ways in which DIVER is being used.

What costs are involved?

The DIVER software is available at no cost.

Intersect can work with clients to implement and host DIVER instances by negotiation.

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