Grants Assistance

Increase grant probability

We enhance research team grant applications by developing data management plans, developing estimates for grant application IT components, making in-kind contributions of Intersect services and products like Space and Time, and by building partnerships for multi-institutional collaborations. Intersect offers a highly successful track record in building cross-organisational research teams to secure collaboratively linked funding. Grant team building successes have been achieved in the Australian Research Council Linkage Infrastructure and Facilities (ARC LIEF) program, the National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (NeCTAR) Commonwealth scheme, the NeCTAR Virtual Laboratories and Research Tools bid and the NSW Science Leveraging Fund (NSW SLF), to name a few.

What service is available?

Intersect can assist researchers/research teams to enhance their grant applications through:

  •  Development of data management plans
  •  Development of estimates for the IT components of grant applications (including Intersect services if required)
  •  Inclusion of in‐kind contributions based on Intersect services, such as HPC and consultation/advice
  •  Assisting to build collaborations where multi‐institutional collaborations are a requirement for application e.g. ARC LIEF & NeCTAR.

We work closely with the grant support capability within member organisations to ensure that Intersect advice and services are integrated with locally offered services.

A key issue in grant applications is the need to demonstrate the appropriate research environment including IT support. Intersect can work with you to ensure that you have scoped and sourced the required IT infrastructure and services as required in the funding rules.

Different funding schemes have different requirements for data management planning and scoping of IT requirements for research project applications. Intersect eResearch Analysts have particular expertise in working with researchers to develop data management plans and to scope IT requirements for research projects and can assist researchers from member organisations to develop their grant applications in these areas.

Who can access the service?

Researchers and grant support personnel from any Intersect member organisation.

How do I access the service?

Contact the Intersect eResearch Analyst at your institution.

Alternatively, log a request at – log in with your institution username and password, add details under “Help”. An eResearch Analyst will contact you.

What costs are involved?

There is no cost to researchers or other staff within Intersect member institutions.

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