Research data packaging for the rest of us

Cloudstor Collections is an application developed by Intersect Australia that builds on top of CloudStor to deliver research data packaging for the rest of us. CloudStor is used by researchers all over the world to store and share data between scientists across institutions. It’s kind of like Dropbox for researchers, owned and operated in Australia by AARNet.

What is CloudStor Collections?

AARNet owns and operates the CloudStor cloud storage platform for both consumers and organisations, offering consumer-grade storage to the academic research community. Broadly it operates a freemium model subsidising researchers for access up to 1TB, and negotiates with institutions for large scale, large volume or non-research access. Cloudstor Collections is a free plugin developed by Intersect Australia that is available for researchers in CloudStor.

Why use CloudStor Collections?

It enables researchers to collate, categorise and compress their data for preservation, submission, compliance, publication and transmission in their own organisation and between organisations. It makes complying with codes of conduct, research trials, archive submission, and data citation faster, simpler and easier.

CloudStor Collections offers the following functionality:

  • Provide researchers with the ability to describe a dataset collection through a customisable metadata schema. 
  • CloudStor Collections allows you to rearrange and rename your research data for publishing and keep your original research data structure intact.
  • Package collections into a BagIt compatible archive, complete with copies of the files,  manifest and metadata.
  • Export and share collection metadata as XML or a human-readable format such as HTML.
  • Packages are created within the CloudStor filesystem where they can be downloaded or shared, e.g., institution metadata repository.



How do I get access?

If you’re a researcher at an AARNet-connected institution, then you already have access to CloudStor Collections. Start using CloudStor to take advantage of CloudStor Collections for seamless packaging and archiving.

Want to know more about CloudStor Collections?

Email or visit to log an enquiry ticket

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