Landmark NeAT project delivered

2 May 2011

The first of the federally funded National eResearch Architecture Taskforce projects to complete all deliverables has finished.

The Intersect team (including Andrey Chernyshov and Carlos Aya in the photo) has finished work on the Platforms for Collaboration project for the Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility (AMMRF), which is a national grid of Australian university-based microscopy and microanalysis centres.

Intersect has delivered the new tool, the Data Management System (DMS) which helps researchers using high-end microscopy and microanalysis instruments manage large datasets. This follows on from the successful delivery in June 2010 of the web based Technique Finder which aids researchers in finding the most appropriate technique to assist their research and obtain information regarding access.

The DMS addresses the needs of an increasing number of AMMRF users facing the demands of a new wave of data intensive instruments and software. AMMRF supports over 3,000 users per year, and although just a small percentage currently uses high throughput instruments, it is expected that the DMS user base will grow considerably over time.

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This project is funded by the National eResearch Architecture Taskforce.

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