Intersect-led consortium wins 2016 ARC LIEF Grant for HPC

17 Dec 2015

Led by Intersect Australia, a consortium of ten NSW universities coordinated by Professor Geraint Lewis from the University of Sydney was awarded an ARC LIEF Grant for funding commencing in 2016. The funding of $1.04M will be used to further improve our HPC capabilities and provide the next generation of HPC for hundreds of researchers at Intersect member universities.

Prof Geraint Lewis, lead CI, said: 'The NSW research community has a strong track record in using High Performance Computing (HPC) to achieve major breakthroughs across a range of disciplines, from astrophysics, bioinformatics, environmental science, information technology to engineering. The funding for new NSW HPC capacity will enable world-leading NSW researchers to pursue their cutting-edge work in increasingly competitive environments, while using the latest HPC technologies'.  

Marc Bailey, CEO of Intersect, said that he was delighted about Intersect being successful in coordinating the ARC LIEF grant, led by Professor Geraint Lewis, lead Chief Investigator, from the University of Sydney. 'The $1.04m grant, along with organisational contributions, represents a unique opportunity to upgrade NSW’s large scale infrastructure to the latest technologies and help support cutting-edge research across a wider range of research applications. This grant represents a significant leverage factor for a co-investment of approximately $500K by members and demonstrates the effectiveness of Intersect forming a consortium for those large-scale HPC infrastructure projects. I would like to thank again and congratulate the lead CI Professor Geraint Lewis and all participating CIs for this exciting project’.  

Chief investigators participating in this proposal were: Prof Marc Wilkins (UNSW), A/Prof Evatt Hawkes (UNSW), Prof Eric Kennedy (UoN), Prof Michael Ferry (UNSW), Prof Graham King (SCU), Prof Albert Zomaya (USyd), Prof Madeleine Beekman (USyd), Prof Willy Susilo (UoW), Prof Roland Goecke (UC), Prof Simeon Simoff (WSU), Dr Rose Andrew (UNE), A/Prof Michael Ford (UTS), Dr Kei-Wai Cheung (MQ) and A/Prof Ginaluca Ranzi (USyd).

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