Intersect Space Relaunched

Our exciting partnership with QCIF presented us with a great opportunity to examine our Space product offerings and realign them with what our customers need. The outcome of this is a much simplified approach to our products. We now have 2 primary Space products! WorkSpace for fast active storage use cases and DeepSpace for archival storage.

We also have an improved Data Retention Mechanism which means that all data collections once migrated to QCIF will have multiple copies stored at 2 seperate data centres, with the ability to request file restores for up to 1 year previously. Customers can request restores by subscribing to our SpaceVault product.

Our Space pricing has also been updated and many of our members have opted in for the community pricing model.

The implementation of our data management platform Idea is well under way and we will be onboarding subscribing customers over the next month.

Speaking of the migration! We are now more than 4 months into the migration from our Sydney based data centre to our new home at QCIF. We have data and virtual machines being migrated daily and our team are working very closely with our customers to ensure this process is a smooth as possible.

In addition to the migration, in late Q2 early Q3 our Nectar infrastructure will be refreshed with the latest technology, offering us increased capacity and speed. Stay tuned for more on that later this year.