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WorkSpace is frequent access, active storage. It builds on the tape layer of DeepSpace by incorporating an additional copy of the data (current version only) to a disk layer within DMF coupled with an allocation of fast disk storage on a GPFS filesystem. The allocation on GPFS is dynamically tuneable to cater for the working set size (most active data) of a data collection. The default allocation for a collection in GPFS is 1TB. If the data is not resident in the GPFS layer, it is recalled from the DMF disk layer (which can be milliseconds to 30 seconds to first byte recall depending on whether the data is on a disk that is already spinning versus one that needs to spin up). If the data is not on the DMF disk layer it can be recalled from either of the tape copies (which is typically 4-5 minutes to first byte).

Storage services can be accessed via SSH, SCP, SFTP, RSYNC on with collections able to be mounted to HPC systems and cloud compute. We use NFS to mount collections to cloud compute

View the Space Data Retention Policy here.

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