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What is SpaceVault?

SpaceVault offers an extra level of security over your data, especially when shared with others. SpaceVault enables restoration of your data to an earlier point in time. SpaceVault is a service that sits on top of the Space Data Retention Policy


SpaceVault works with DeepSpace and WorkSpace. SpaceVault is a companion to, but distinct from TimeVault, designed to backup OwnTime virtual machine-internal storage.

How do I restore my data?

Restoration is requested through  You will need to specify your SpacePlan, the name of your data collection, a selection criteria for the files you want to restore, such as filename or path (regular expressions are supported) and file owner, along with a date range; typically this will be the dates you think the file data is intact. SpaceVault will use this information to scan for files that match your criteria; these will be candidate files to restore.

To give you fast access to your restored data, it will be copied to a special Space filesystem for up to 30 days. This transient storage does not count towards your SpacePlan storage quota.

Who can request restoration?

Only the owner (or authorised  representative) of a SpacePlan containing the SpaceVault service can request restoration of your data, and it requires approval through the ticketing system to ensure auditability.

Service Limits

SpaceVault includes one standard restoration per collection per month. Additional restoration requests are at additional cost by agreement. Please get in touch for any special requests.

Service Levels

As with any backup service, SpaceVault service levels apply to standard collections that are within standard size thresholds and for standard restorations, as described.

Recovery Point


6 hours

That is, the maximum amount of data missing after a restore from the most recent backup is up to 6 hours worth of changes.

Recovery Time


1 -3 business days

That is, the maximum amount of time elapsed before restored data is available to you is up to 3 business days.

Exclusions SpaceVault does not attempt file or block de-duplication


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