Space Rates

Space digital research storage pricing is designed to be as simple and easy to calculate as possible. We charge purely for disk consumed by its performance characteristics. That’s it. No I/O thresholds, quotas, caps, network traffic charges, or other hidden fees that you are probably accustomed to when dealing with non-research-oriented providers.

Pricing Explained

Space is a collaboratively funded resource, and it is in everybody’s interest to have a stable and sustained future, so commercial models apply.

  • A community pricing model is available to members who wish to subscribe for a prepaid quota.
  • For all postpaid customers pricing is simple: you pay for what you use.
  • Consumption is billed monthly, based on the high water mark for the period.

Post Paid Product Pricing

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Used for 
Member TB/Month 
Non Member TB/Month
Regular Usage
Data Recovery

All prices, terms and conditions described are current as of 1st January 2024, are quoted in Australian Dollars excluding GST and are subject to change.

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