EXCEL101: Excel for Researchers – New enhanced course content

In recent years, we have consistently received requests for the inclusion of intermediate Excel functions in our training course. Following these requests, we restructured the current EXCEL101 course content and combined it with intermediate Excel features, using practical examples linked to real-life research datasets.

The new course material comes with three additional modules: Data Cleaning, Advanced Pivot Table, and Data Validation. Using some easy to remember text string functions, we show how to clean data with inconsistent letter cases and unwanted spaces. We also cover the concepts like how to split and concatenate words, remove duplicates and blank cells. We cover many ways of data summarisation using the Pivot Table functionality. We also show how our data entry can become much less error-prone, and data representation clearer and more readable by using data validation and conditional formatting functionality. 

The revised course was first delivered in July at Western Sydney University,  and has been very well received, with an average Net Promoter Score of +83. To reflect on the feedback, one participant commented “You guys did a really good job! You made me really engaged with this course without any distraction. Thank you so much!” 

This revised training course is available to all of Intersect members. More information is available from your local eResearch Analyst or through Help.intersect.org.au.

Article by Jeff Wang