EXCEL201: Beyond Basics: Conditionals and Visualisation in Excel

Authors: Dr Sam Ryan, Dr Jeff (Xingyong) Wang, and Dr Ghulam Murtaza

Course duration: half day

This course explores functional syntax and statistical charts in Excel.

About this course

After cleaning your database, you may need to apply some conditional analysis to glean greater insights from your data. You may also want to enhance your charts for inclusion into a manuscript, thesis or report by adding some statistical elements. This course will cover conditional syntax, nested functions, statistical charting and outlier identification. Armed with the tips and tricks from our introductory Excel for Researchers course, you will be able to tap into even more of Excel’s diverse functionality and apply it to your research project.

Learning Outcomes

  • Cell syntax and conditional formatting
  • IF functions
  • Pivot Table summaries
  • Nesting multiple AND/IF/OR calculations
  • Combining nested calculations with conditional formatting to bring out important elements of the dataset
  • MINIFS function
  • Box plot creation and outlier identification
  • Trendline and error bar chart enhancements


Familiarity with the content of Excel for Researchers, specifically:

  • the general Office/Excel interface (menus, ribbons/toolbars, etc.)
  • workbooks and worksheets
  • absolute and relative references, e.g. $A$1, A1.
  • simple ranges, e.g. A1:B5

Target Audience and Expectation

Recommended for researchers familiar with Excel and wanting to extend their skills in database management and analysis in Excel.


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