Training Policy

Intersect Training Ticket Allocation and Cancellation Policy

1. Definitions

The following definitions apply for the purposes of this policy:

Registrant:Any person who registers for an Intersect Course.
Course:A training course delivered by Intersect. Courses may have multiple sessions spanning more than one day.
Member:A full subscribing member organisation of Intersect (excluding affiliates) as listed on the Intersect website (under Members).
Packaged Member Course:Courses that Intersect delivers for Members as part of their membership package.
Affiliated with:Employed by or enrolled at
Researcher:An individual Affiliated with a university or research institution in a research capacity or research support role. This includes Academic staff, Professional staff who support research, post-doc/fellow researchers, and Higher-Degree Research students.
Host:The organisation or institution who commissions an in-person or online Course.
Tourist:A Registrant not Affiliated with the Host of the Course to which they have registered.

2. Ticket Allocation – Packaged Member Courses

Summary: Packaged Member Courses are for Researchers from Intersect Members only. Individuals who register for Packaged Member Courses but who are not Affiliated with an Intersect Member will have their tickets cancelled.

Packaged Member Courses are made available to Members through their membership packages, and are primarily for Registrants who are Affiliated with the Member who is the Host of that Course. While Intersect strives to ensure that all Registrants are affiliated with the Host, occasionally tickets are claimed by Registrants from elsewhere.

Registrants who are not affiliated with the Host but are affiliated with a Member are considered “Tourists”. Section 4 of this policy refers to Tourism.

Registrants who are not Affiliated with the Host or any Member may consume places that would otherwise go to Registrants from Intersect Member organisations. Intersect reserves the right to cancel tickets held by people who are not Affiliated with the Host or a Member, as determined by their email address upon registration.

Registrants should use their institutional email when registering to ensure their place in the course.

3. Failure to Attend (“No-Shows”)

Summary: Failure to attend after registering denies the chance for someone else to attend the training. Individuals who repeatedly fail to attend after registering may be removed from futures Courses without notice.

Intersect training courses are typically funded by the Host, either through membership fees or a fee-for-service payment. This allows participants to attend at no charge. Most places on a Course are in high demand. Non-attendance at Courses disadvantages other HDR students, researchers, and professional staff when places are limited; costs the Host and Intersect money and resources; and makes it difficult to plan Courses effectively.

Registrants may cancel their ticket no less than 24 hours before the first session of a Course with no penalty. Registrants who fail to attend a Course or who cancel their ticket less than 24 hours before the first session of a Course will be marked as “No Show” for the Course.

Registrants who—due to misadventure such as illness or extraordinary circumstances—cannot give more than 24 hours notice of their cancellation, must contact within two working days from the start of the Course so as not to be marked as a “No Show”.

Registrants with repeated non-attendance—marked “No Show” as described above—may be removed without notice from future Intersect training Courses. This allows Intersect to prioritise Registrants who are more likely to attend.

4. Tourism

Summary: Packaged Member Courses are primarily for individuals from the Member hosting the Course. Individuals from other Members who are allocated a ticket accept that their ticket may be subsequently re-allocated to an individual from the Host institution.

Intersect training courses have a designated Host institution listed in the event description. Typically the Host is an Intersect Member, but courses may be hosted by any institution. Intersect may allow Registrants affiliated with a Member to attend courses at any other Host institution at Intersect’s discretion. Registrants not affiliated with the Host institution but who are affiliated with a Member are considered “Tourists”. Where a training course has a high demand from the Host, tickets of Tourists may be cancelled and reallocated to Registrants affiliated with the Host. Should this occur the Tourist will receive an email notifying them of their ticket cancellation and the reason.

On occasion, Intersect itself may be the Host institution with places on the course open to Registrants from one or more Members or non-member organisations. Intersect reserves the right to allocate tickets, as well as cancel and re-allocate tickets, at its discretion. In making these decisions, Intersect will consider various factors including the best interests of Intersect and its Members, the availability of the course at the Registrant’s home institution, and fair and equitable access for all Members.

Intersect Australia reserves the right to modify this policy without consultation.

5. Recording

Summary: Attendees are not permitted to record training sessions.

Attendees of Intersect training courses, including online and in-person courses, are not permitted to record the training sessions for any reason. This is in order to:

  • Protect the privacy of those involved, including both trainers and attendees;
  • Maintain an easy and comfortable training environment for all involved; and
  • Reduce the risk of abuse or unapproved distribution of the recorded sessions.

While Intersect does not typically record training sessions either, Intersect reserves the right to record a session for quality and internal training purposes. Attendees will be notified prior to any such recording.

6. Miscellaneous

Researchers and staff from an organisation that is not a Member are only eligible to register for Intersect Courses through Open Training for Individuals/Teams or Courses made available to non-Member organisations through Intersect’s partnerships with other institutions/organisations. 

Intersect Australia reserves the right to modify this policy without consultation.