Landmark launch of the HPC and Data in Materials Design and Discovery course

A new collaborative education initiative for Australian science

By Dr. Meiyun Chang-Smith

The highly anticipated HPC and Data in Materials Design and Discovery graduate-level course was launched on 3rd Sep. This national collaborative teaching venture is co-organized and facilitated by Intersect, with logistical and HPC support from NCI Australia. The three-month-long (3rd Sep to 26th Nov) course syllabus was designed and spearheaded by an independent Organizing Committee including prominent academics in computational materials science in Australia. It includes teaching contributions from 14 outstanding professors and scientists and has been embraced by over 250 pre-screened registrants from universities and research organizations across the country.

An average 100+ live attendees have attended each of the first six lectures held in the initial weeks. They are clearly impressed, as revealed in the first survey comments and results!

“I am really enjoying the content. It is extremely thorough, and it is fantastic to be exposed to several different lecturers.”

“I like the kind and helpful staff that Intersect has.”

“I like getting to know each of the different academics and their lecturing styles. It’s interesting to see different academics from all around Australia.”

The collaborative graduate course is free of charge and available to graduate students and ECR’s in Australia who are working in computational materials science-related fields. More information can be found on Intersect Collaborative Course. The registration remains open for the computational materials science community.