New NVivo Course a Big Hit

Intersect’s mantra is “Research Faster” so when our researchers told us they needed training in NVivo, we listened. Getting Started with NVivo has quickly become one of our most anticipated and in-demand training courses. As with all of Intersect’s training catalogue, this course is suitable for delivery both online and face-to-face.

The development of this course is the result of a successful collaboration between multiple member universities led by University of Newcastle eResearch Analyst, Shaun Grady, supported by University of New England eResearch Analyst, Peta Ryan and Intersect eResearch Training Administrator, Malcolm Ramsay. The team worked together to create a course that gives even the most novice users all the knowledge and tools they need to get going with their own project in NVivo, with practical examples linked to real-life research problems.

Since the first delivery in July at the University of Newcastle, Getting Started with NVivo has been delivered 10 times and has been very well received with an average NPS of +72 and one researcher commenting “it was fantastic – covered all the functions you need to get started getting your resources in one place – amazing course.”

With courses already scheduled for Deakin University, University of New South Wales, and Southern Cross University, this popular new training course is available to all of Intersect members. Future course dates are shown on our training schedule and more information is available from your local eResearch Analyst or through