Welcome back to University of Canberra!

Since 2019, the University of Canberra has been an Affiliate Member of Intersect, with limited access to the Intersect digital research training program. However, in 2020, an expanding need for digital research training and support, including the hosting and use of core research technologies such as REDCap, meant the University would benefit from the services available through full membership.

“With an ever-increasing array of digital technologies required for research, and growing data management challenges, University of Canberra was looking for additional assistance and, in particular, the ability to draw on the depth of experience within the whole Intersect network.” said Dr Milica Symul, UC Director of Research and Innovation.

The Intersect membership model is built around the collective skill and expertise of the Intersect Services Team, accessed through on-campus placement of an eResearch Analyst. It also includes extensive access to one of the largest digital research training programs in the country – over 5,500 people were trained in over 300 courses in 2020.

“This allows the member university to benefit from not just the skills of one individual, but a whole team of people with diverse skills, across a range of disciplines, drawing on experience gained in universities across the country. In this way, the eRA delivers so much more than could be achieved by an individual appointment”, said Dr Jonathan Arthur, Intersect Head of Membership Services. 

Kyle Hemming, who is finalising his PhD in Applied Ecology, will shortly commence as the eResearch Analyst for University of Canberra.