SPSS101: Data Entry and Processing in SPSS

This hands-on training is designed to familiarize you with the interface and basic data processing functionalities in SPSS. We will examine several “must know” syntax commands that can help streamline data entry and processing. In addition, we will explore how to obtain descriptive statistics in SPSS and perform visualization.

This workshop is recommended for researchers and postgraduate students who are new to SPSS or Statistics; or those simply looking for a refresher course before taking a deep dive into using SPSS, either to apply it to their research or to add it to their arsenal of eResearch skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Navigate the SPSS working environment
  • Prepare data files and define variables
  • Enter data in SPSS and Import data from Excel
  • Perform data screening
  • Compose SPSS Syntax for data processing
  • Obtain descriptive statistics, create graphs & assess normality
  • Manipulate and transform variables

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