REDCAP201: Longitudinal Trials with REDCap

Authors: Aidan Wilson, Dr Weisi Chen, Shaun Grady
Course Duration: Half Day

Learn how to run longitudinal data collection, such as surveys with post-intervention and follow-up questionnaires, using REDCap's powerful features.

About this course

REDCap is a powerful and extensible application for managing and running longitiudinal data collection activities. With powerful features such as organising data collections instruments into predefined events, you can shephard your participants through a complex survey at various time points with very little configuration.

This course will introduce some of REDCap’s more advanced features for running longitudinal studies, and builds on the foundational material taught in REDCAP101 – Managing Data Capture and Surveys with REDCap.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build a longitudinal project
  • Manage participants throughout multiple events
  • Configure and use Automated Survey Invitations
  • Use Smart Variables to add powerful features to your logic
  • Take advantage of high-granularity permissions for your collaborators
  • Understand the data structure of a longitudinal project


This course requires the participant to have a fairly good basic knowledge of REDCap. To come up to speed, consider taking our course REDCAP101: Data Capture and Surveys with REDCap.


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