Michael Kirby-Lewis (Kirby)

Kirby has over 30 years IT experience, with over 20 of those spent in senior roles for university and postgraduate vocational education and research sectors. This includes nine years (2007-16) as UNSW’s Chief Information Officer. During that time Kirby established the “Research Domain” governance group that initiated and oversaw establishment of investment in research infrastructure and systems in conjunction with the University Library and the PVC Research.

Kirby was heavily involved in the broader HE sector including instigating and later chairing the Greater Sydney Basin super-science high bandwidth research network project (including facilitating the right-to-use for regional NSW universities); President of the council for ICT in Australasian Universities (CAUDIT); AARNet Advisory; University benchmarking committee and chair of NAUDIT (NSW Universities).

After leaving UNSW in 2016, Kirby continued various voluntary HE roles including reviews of university centres of research and as faculty and later Director of the HE Leadership program for senior Library and ICT staff in Universities and Research institutions (2013-19). From 2017 Kirby served as Chief Information Officer for GP Synergy which conducts training of medical doctors, work-force management (NSW&ACT) and primary healthcare research (NSW, VIC & Tasmania), before retiring in 2023. During this time Kirby was successful in GP Synergy’s certification against the international security standard (ISO 27001) from 2018.

Kirby has been an active member of the Intersect Board (2014-16 as Member representative and Independent Director since 2020) and the Intersect BARM (since 2014).