Dr. Jonathan Arthur

Jonathan has twenty-five years of experience in research across both industry and academia, with a focus on health and medical applications of bioinformatics and data science. Prior to joining Intersect, Jonathan was an Associate Professor in Bioinformatics in the Sydney Medical School of the University of Sydney for twelve years, and during that time held coincident appointments as the Chief Technology Officer of Children’s Medical Research Institute and the Chief Executive Officer of Sydney Bioinformatics. Jonathan holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Sydney; conducted postdoctoral training at Fox Chase Cancer Center, in Philadelphia, USA; and has six years of experience in the biotechnology / medical technology industry, including appointments as Senior Bioinformatics Scientist at Proteome Systems Ltd, a biotechnology start-up, and Founder of his own digital health start-up. For over six years, he has led the Intersect Services Team, including Intersect’s core Membership Services: a team of  Digital Research Analysts and Digital Research Trainers providing digital research training and support to the researchers of Intersect member universities across Australia. Since 2022, he has overseen the establishment and operation of 3AI: Intersect’s data science and analytics service that provides researchers in universities, government, and industry with access to critical data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning support.