NCI/ Intersect Training Partnership – Teaching and Learning Stories

By Jianzhou Zhao & Jonathan Arthur

Khuong Tran is a Ph.D. candidate and a Research Assistant at the University of Technology Sydney. His research involves modelling AI-enabled agents to perform decision-making under uncertainty using reinforcement learning and deep learning architectures. Khuong is enthusiastic about teaching and sharing his knowledge of digital tools and technologies (such as programming, and applied machine learning) and has been an eResearch Trainer at Intersect for 3 years. Khuong delivered over 14 courses throughout the NCI/Intersect training program and we asked him to share some of his teaching stories from the program. 

In terms of his motivation for being an eResearch Trainer at Intersect, Khuong told us that Intersect provides a great opportunity for him, as a PhD student, to exercise his knowledge by teaching people how to use digital tools. As an international student, this job also provides extra support for his study and life in Australia. “I have also got a chance to talk to researchers from different universities and institutions and build networks when delivering the courses”, Khuong also mentioned. 

Khuong emphasised that the Intersect courses facilitate the implementation of such tools in research, 

“It is encouraging to see that more researchers from, for instance, the Social Sciences or the Business School, are adapting the programming and HPC tools for their research”, Khuong further added. He acknowledged the contribution of Intersect courses in terms of helping researchers build their confidence to transition from conventional tools to more cutting-edge technologies, resulting in significant improvement in their research productivity.