NCI and Intersect Australia Training Partnership

As a leading provider of digital skills training for researchers in Australia, Intersect Australia is committed to increasing research efficiency throughout the Australian research community. Intersect provides a great range of technology-focused training across all levels to researchers and higher degree research (HDR) students across Australia. Since the inception of the training program in 2008, we have delivered more than 1,750 training workshops and trained more than 24,500 researchers and HDR students. Not only is Intersect dedicated to making researcher training available to more people, but we are also constantly evaluating and improving the quality of our training. Intersect’s Net Promoter Score has increased significantly, from +46 in 2017 to +76 in 2021, demonstrating our commitment to the improvement of training quality and providing the best possible training experience to participants. All other primary quality metrics exceed 9.4 out of 10 on average in 2021. 

Intersect Australia is excited to announce a partnership with the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) to deliver a comprehensive set of digital research training workshops on cutting edge technologies and tools, including Python, R, and Julia programming; machine learning and research computing and parallel programming. These courses are designed for new and prospective users of NCI high-performance computing resources, and will be offered at no cost to the trainee. The training program will be facilitated by a team of expert trainers from Intersect Australia with support from NCI.

Registration for the first courses in this training program are open. Please visit the Intersect Australia and NCI websites for more detail.