Introducing Intersect Research Cloud 2.0

Intersect Research Cloud is a research centric storage and compute environment, designed and built with researchers in mind.

In response to the strategic review and changes in federal funding for compute and data storage, we are changing the way we present and price our services for members.

Cloud Services are now available in four distinct components designed to interoperate and provide a cost effective and flexible hybrid Research Cloud;  

  • Nectar compute: we are collaborating with QCIF to upgrade and extend our existing Nectar node, in a self sustainable manner, so our research cloud will be self funding and no longer dependent on grants.
  • Petascale storage:  Our collaboration with QCIF is not limited to compute. Space petascale storage will be refreshed and relocated so that it is sustainable for years to come.
  • Data Management: (Idea) is a full-service research data management platform that helps you categorise, describe and manage all types of data on any Intersect or AWS Storage. Powered by Mediaflux and enhanced by Intersect, Idea provides a complete set of data management tools.
  • Support for the AWS Public Cloud: customers can bring their own account and use our services, while managing their own infrastructure costs and savings plans or non existing AWS users can use our provided structure for basic cloud servers and share in the savings plan.  Intersect are on track to become a certified AWS partner.

Our hybrid research cloud will have dedicated research-oriented support accessed via our Help portal

Intersect is transitioning members to a new transparent, community based pricing, whereby increased adoption and utilisation improves the pricing for everyone, while also increasing members capability. The principles of the model include:

  • Tiered pricing to enable member equity and avoid potential deficits;
  • Annual accounting “true-up”, with the surplus being shared with the subscriber community through rebates applied on their take-up in the following year. 

A guaranteed price per core and per terabyte provides our members with increased budget control for multiple years.

All of our customers will be migrated to our new research cloud by the end of 2020, with our new pricing model beginning in January 2021.

For more information or for indicative pricing please email or speak to your local eResearch Analyst.