Intersect Professional Development Framework

Developed by eResearch practitioners at Intersect Australia

Enhance eResearch skills and capabilities through a framework that incorporates six key categories of expertise and three levels of skills.


It is important for eResearch practitioners to continue to develop their professional skills and knowledge. This ensures the ongoing enhancement of their professional practice as well as providing for personal development and career progression. Most eResearch practitioners come from a research/academic background. Research experience is important for the role, however, other specialised skills and knowledge are necessary and may not be acquired as a researcher. The eResearch Professional Development framework articulates key areas in which eResearch practitioners can develop skills. This framework provides a structure to audit skills and identify gaps at an individual and team level.



This framework was designed and developed by eResearch practitioners at Intersect Australia. Although it was developed mainly for Intersect Australia eResearch practitioners and purposes, it can be adapted and used by other institutions and organisations (CC BY-NC-SA).  This is a living document: in the first iteration please provide any feedback you may have on the framework to with the subject “professional development framework”.


Please download Intersect’s Professional Development Framework here:

Intersect Professional Development Framework – v1.0

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