Intersect Reaches a Training Milestone

By Aidan Wilson, Shaun Grady and Anastasios Papaioannou

In March 2021, Intersect reached a huge milestone in the space of digital research technology training. We have successfully trained over 20,000 HDR students and researchers since the inception of our training program back in 2012! (where only 10 people were trained). Intersect is dedicated to not only making researcher training available to more people, but we are constantly evaluating and improving the quality. Intersect will continue to be an active contributor to national skills development initiatives and share our knowledge with the community.

Aidan Wilson, the eResearch Analyst at ACU who has been involved in training admin since inception, said:  “In the early days, training was a very small part of what we did; we only had a few courses a year taught by our eResearch Analysts. After just a couple of years, there was an explosion in demand for our training courses, and we started expanding to meet the demand. We expanded so quickly that we had to hire a team of dedicated trainers, and had to implement systems to track all the courses and attendees, ticketing, course materials, attendee evaluation and feedback, and assign trainers to courses. Throughout this growth phase, we made sure the quality of the training never fell, and are pleased to say that evaluation of our courses continues to grow alongside the course and attendee numbers.”

As a leading provider in digital research technology training in Australia, Intersect is committed to helping researchers to be more productive in their research. We provide a great range of technology-focused training to researchers and graduate research students across Australia with training courses across all levels. Our entire training catalogue is interactive and run by our highly experienced instructors, and all courses can be delivered either face-to-face or online. The Intersect team of 20+ instructors is targeted at enhancing the capabilities of researchers in digital tools and technologies. Our research and training expertise extends across various disciplines including, but not limited to, ICT, Data Science, Linguistics, Engineering, Statistics, Bioinformatics, Health & Medical Sciences, Materials Science, Sports Science, Spatial Analytics, Computational Chemistry, Numerical Modelling, Behavioural Science and, Social and Political Sciences., and more!

For more information about Intersect’s Training Courses & Programs, visit our Training page.