Intersect Australia Research Digital Skills Training Program – 2021 Report

As a leading provider of research digital skills training in Australia, Intersect is committed to helping researchers to be more productive in their research. A great range of technology-focused training in topics such as Data Science, Data Collection, Machine Learning, Programming, Research Computing, Statistics, and more, is offered to researchers and HDR students across Australia. Our hands-on interactive training is delivered (either face-to-face or online) by 25+ highly experienced instructors and is targeted at enhancing the capabilities of researchers in digital tools and technologies. 

This year, we have prepared the “Intersect Australia – Training Report 2021 v1.0” report to summarise and provide analytics on the research digital skills training program provided by Intersect Australia across Australia for the calendar year 2021, as well as insights on historical trends. You can download this report here: Intersect Australia – Training Report 2021

In 2021, 6728 researchers were trained and 349 courses (270.5 training days) were delivered. This means that Intersect delivered more than 6.5 courses on average every working week in 2021 (more than 1 course per working day). To evaluate the quality of the training delivery, Intersect asks attendees to complete a course evaluation survey at the end of each course. Intersect’s NPS in 2021 was +75 based on more than 2,500 responses which is considered outstanding! The average scores of the five primary metrics for measuring the quality of the training delivery exceed 9.4 out of 10, which indicates that feedback from participants is excellent. 

The qualitative feedback received from participants also demonstrates how useful and helpful these training courses are to researchers:

  • Fantastic training. I’m so appreciative, [Instructor name]. I teach 4-hour SPSS sessions at Monash and I know how hard it is to teach online. You did a great job.
  • Working through the examples ourselves were great, the tips for organising data at the end were fantastic and will be really useful in my work.
  • Very well prepared materials and step by step delivery. I feel more confident to build surveys with Qualtrics and it is good to know there is support available if I need help to troubleshoot. Thank you!

Since 2016, Intersect has successfully trained over 12,500 unique HDR students and researchers across Australia, which makes Intersect one of the leading providers of research digital skills training in the Australasian region.

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