HPC and Data in Drug Design and Delivery: Full-semester course soon to arrive for Australian researchers

We are excited to announce that the registration for the 2nd collaborative graduate-level course, titled HPC and Data in Drug Design and Delivery, has been open for registration since 11th of July. This 12-week semester-long course, from Tuesday 6th Sept to Thursday 1st Dec, will be taught online collaboratively by internationally renowned academics/scientists from 13 institutions for Australian based HDR students, ECRs and beyond. 

The bespoke curriculum includes diverse aspects of computational drug design such as fundamental atomistic bio-simulations, docking, screening, AI/ML-based accelerated methods as utilized across computational biochemical, biomedical, and pharmaceutic research communities. Two 1-hr sessions each week encompassing altogether 16 topical lectures and 8 hands-on tutorials. The course is facilitated by Intersect, NCI and leading academics from 5 major universities.

Intersect Australia continues to be a proud and strong supporter for the collaborative graduate education initiative, aiming to enhance HPCD capabilities of postgraduate students and researchers in Australia by providing a substantive semester-long curriculum including hands-on tutorials!

This CGE initiative aligns with our vision and value at Intersect in helping Australian researchers to research faster by rapidly ramping up their research capabilities in HPCD and other digital methods.

We look forward to the course soon in September!

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