A showcase of Data Analysis in Python and R: A Case Study using COVID-19 data

Authors: Dr Malcolm Ramsay

Webinar duration: 1 hour

See data cleaning and manipulation demonstrated in both R and Python using COVID-19 datasets.

This webinar is open to anyone (not just to Intersect member universities)


About this webinar

In all fields of research we are being confronted with a deluge of data; data that needs cleaning and transformation to be used in further analysis. This webinar demonstrates the effective use of programming tools for an initial analysis of COVID-19 datasets, with examples using both R and Python.


Webinar Topics

  • Cleaning up a dataset for analysis
  • Using Jupyter lab for interactive analysis
  • Making the most of the tidyverse (R) and pandas (python)
  • Simple data visualisation using ggplot (R) and seaborn (python)
  • Best practices for readable code


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