A continuing national collaborative graduate education initiative for HPCD domain applications

The inaugural collaborative graduate-level course HPC and Data in Materials Design and Discovery was launched as a live online interactive event and delivered by an array of internationally renowned professors and scientists from Sep to Nov 2021. It was a highly acclaimed course that attracted over 270 higher degree research (HDR) students and early career researchers (ECR) based in Australia and received average satisfactory rating over 9.1 (out of 10) across survey questions. 

For 2022, the course materials – recorded lectures, tutorials, slides etc – remain available to Australian HDR students and ECRs for self-paced learning with ongoing support from the course coordinator, NCI Training and the teaching team in the background. The 16 high quality lectures and 8 tutorials are an invaluable learning resource for the HPCD in materials community. Click HERE for insights and reflections from academic organising committee members of the course. 

Interested students and researchers who are new to the course can click HERE to register.