HPC201: Getting started with HPC

Is your computer's limited power throttling your research ambitions? Are your analysis scripts pushing your laptop's processor to its limits? Is your software crashing because you've run out of memory? Would you like to unleash to power of the Unix command line to automate and run your analysis on supercomputers that you can access for free? High-Performance Computing (HPC) allows you to accomplish your analysis faster by using many parallel CPUs and huge amounts of memory simultaneously. This course provides a hands on introduction to running software on HPC infrastructure.

Learning Outcomes

  • Connect to an HPC cluster
  • Use the Unix command line to operate a remote computer and create job scripts
  • Submit and manage jobs on a cluster using a scheduler
  • Transfer files to and from a remote computer
  • Use software through environment modules
  • Use parallelisation to speed up data analysis
  • Access the facilities available to you as a researcher

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