R201: Data Manipulation in R

Course Duration: Half Day

Learn about Data Manipulation and Data Transformation in R using the dplyr and tidyr packages.

About this course

R is quickly gaining popularity as a programming language for statisticians, data scientists and researchers. It has an excellent ecosystem including the powerful RStudio and the Shiny web application framework.

In this workshop, you will learn how to manipulate, explore and get insights from your data (Data Manipulation using the dplyr package), as well as how to convert your data from one format to another (Data Transformation using the tidyr package).

We teach using RStudio, which allows program code, results, visualisations and documentation to be blended seamlessly.

Join us for a live coding workshop where we write programs that produce results, using the researcher-focused training modules from Intersect and the highly regarded Software Carpentry Foundation.

Learning Outcomes

  • DataFrame Manipulation using the dplyr package
  • DataFrame Transformation using the tidyr package


Either Learn to Program: R or  Learn to Program: R and R for Research needed to attend this course. If you already have experience with programming, please check the topics covered in the Learn to Program: R and R for Research courses to ensure that you are familiar with the knowledge needed for this course.


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