DataBolt Agent Licensing for Instruments


The Establishment fee for a DataBolt Instrument programme is $10,000 (Member), $15,000 (Non-Member)

The establishment fee includes:

  • 2 days onsite for the first instrument integration; (Travel and Accommodation charges, ex-Sydney to be reimbursed at cost)
  • Training a suitable skilled local resource in deployment and support;
  • DataBolt Network and Data design;
  • Using Standard DataBolt collector and deliverer modules.

New Collector/Deliverer module indicative pricing

  • Standard module extensions typically $2000 (member), $3000 (non-member)
  • Custom rules module  P.O.A.
  • Custom Metadata harvesting and delivery $5000 to $10,000 depending on complexity


Instrument licenses include up to 3 agents and 3 origins or destinations per Agent, and are licensed according to the following table.

Annual Member price Annual Non-Member price
1-10 Instruments $5,000 per instrument $7,000 per instrument
11-20 Instruments $2,500 per instrument $3,500 per instrument
20 + P.O.A