Survey Tools in Research: REDCap and Qualtrics

Authors: Shaun Grady, Aidan Wilson, Dr Weisi Chen

Webinar duration: 1 hour

In this webinar we explore and compare two of the most widely used tools in electronic data collection and surveys.


This webinar is open to anyone (not just to Intersect member universities)


About this webinar

Now more than ever researchers are needing to embrace electronic data capture methods to keep their research moving in the midst of social distancing restrictions and decreased access to survey participants. Using a research specific survey tool can not only solve this problem, but also set your research up for success through intuitive data collection and validation, scheduling and reporting.

This webinar will introduce and compare two of the most popular research tools for the collection of survey data and patient records: REDCap and Qualtrics.


Webinar Topics

  • Electronic Data Capture: Surveys vs Forms
  • Confidential vs Anonymous data collection
  • Strengths and weaknesses of Qualtrics and REDCap
  • Real-life use cases for each tool
  • Using survey tools for longitudinal studies


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