Ali Afrasiabi


Digital Research Trainer



University of New South Wales


Academic Background:

PhD, Biomedical Engineering (ongoing)

MSc, Biochemistry

BSc, Biology


Personal Interests:

Philosophy and History of Science, Data science, Programming, Statistics, Data Visualization, Scientific Conversations, Knowledge Sharing, and research.



Ali is currently a second year PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at UNSW with over 9 years of research experience through his PhD studies, and as a research assistant in various labs from 2013 till present. He has been programming using Excel, R and bash (Linux) for over 5 years and has a strong background in the analysis of health and biological data resulting in the publication of several bioinformatics papers. During the past 5 years he has been able to develop required specialised skills and gain lots of experience in both programming and data analytics (statistical and Artificial Intelligence-based approaches) which gave him a strong capability in teaching students how to start programming and how to design an efficient analysis pipeline in the Excel, R and bash environments. He has over 4 years of teaching data analytics in both R (statistical analysis, scripting and visualization) and Bash (package development) programing languages. He also has several hours teaching bioinformatics experience at University of Sydney and UNSW as casual tutor.

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