Associate Professor Paul Martin

Paul lectured in banking and risk management at The University of Sydney and UNSW until his retirement in 2019. Paul was Chief Financial Officer at the Securities Industry Research Centre of Asia-Pacific (SIRCA) until 2011 and is currently Company Secretary of Intersect Australia Limited, the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship Limited and the Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Centre Limited

With over twenty years experience in international financial markets, Paul has extensive experience in the banking industry having worked for a number of banking organisations, including Advance Bank of Australia, the Australian Financial Markets Association, HongkongBank of Australia Limited (HSBC), Australian Bank Limited and the Commonwealth Banking Corporation following commencing his working career with the Sydney Water Board. Paul has also worked with a number of start up organisations with activities in financial services product development and risk management services.

As Chief Financial Officer of SIRCA, Paul was responsible for all aspects of the management and operation of SIRCA Limited, including liaison with SIRCA’s key industry sponsors; the ASX, the Sydney Futures Exchange and the Australian Financial Market Association. In 1997 when SIRCA was established as a Public Company, his responsibilities included the development and implementation of legal arrangements and overall responsibility for all administrative and accounting functions.

Prior to this, Paul held a succession of increasingly senior positions in HongkongBank of Australia Limited (HSBC), including Senior Manager of Treasury Financial Services, Associate Director of Treasury, Divisional Director of the Futures Broking operation and Assistant General Manager, Financial Markets Division as well as Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Midland Bank plc Australia. Paul has also been consulted by the Advance Bank and the Australian Financial Markets Association, the latter where he co-authored AFMA’s submission to the Wallis Committee.