Aidan Wilson


Academic Background:

Master of Arts, Linguistics

BLib. Stud., Linguistics


Aidan Wilson is Intersect’s eResearch Analyst at Australian Catholic University, where his role includes administering the REDCap system, delivering user training, and supporting ACU’s users with consultation and advice. In his time as eResearch Analyst he has worked across several universities with research from a diverse range of disciplines. He is also a REDCap developer, having published several External Modules, and is active in the consortium community, assisting other administrators with tips, tricks, and troubleshooting. 

Aidan has a Masters by Research in Linguistics from Melbourne University, where his research was focused on the verb morphology of the Traditional Tiwi language, from the Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory. He has 9 years of experience at PARADISEC as data manager, archive systems officer; 7 years as Field Linguist and researcher.

Personal Interests:

Australia’s Indigenous languages. Data management. Automation and solution design. Helping researchers achieve their aims.