University of South Australia: Computing with Intersect

Lyndsay Kosidlo
14 Mar 2022

By Dr. Israel Casas

We are excited to announce that Intersect/NCI-HPC’s contribution with The University of South Australia is underway! To begin this decisive endeavour, our Technology team is executing the UniSA HPC Migration, a fast and intensive project, in order to identify UniSA’s complex research experiments and migrate them to Gadi, Australia’s most powerful supercomputer.


Intersect’s Technology team is making use of its HPC (High Performance Computing) specialist to orchestrate this operation. Aiming to provide a fast but smooth transition, our team is working directly with researchers and the UniSA team to identify the software, hardware and specific application requirements in order to build an accurate solution. Results of this project have been positive and the company expects its completion soon.

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