Introducing Free Online Support Sessions

Anastasios Papaioannou
26 Feb 2021

In 2020, Intersect launched its awareness level “ free for all” research Webinar Series covering topics such as Programming, Surveying tools, and Research Computing. Intersect ran 5 webinars in 2020 which were attended by ~550 participants from across many disciplines. Following the success of the pilot Webinar Series, Intersect is going to continue delivery of the series into 2021. In addition to these sessions, this year we will accompany the Webinar Series with a follow up Support Session that is also “free for all”.

The Webinar Support Sessions will follow every webinar and will be 45 minutes long. Intersect experts who are delivering the webinar, along with other technical experts, will stay back for 45 minutes to further discuss the topic and answer any questions. We also welcome any expert who attends the webinar to stay back to help build a community of practice where researchers can help each other and answer questions. Our goal is to run these support sessions on a regular basis where experts can mutually help each other and come up with solutions, rather than a one-way communication forum.

While our webinars generally run on a monthly basis, if there is enough interest, we would like to increase the frequency of these support sessions to make them fortnightly and have the support topics independent of the webinar series. It would be an opportunity for the researchers and experts from across the spectrum to get together to help each other while having the peace of mind that there would at least be 2-3 experts of the topic present in the support session.

The schedule of the first webinars that have follow-up webinar support sessions included are:

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