HostTime makes running application infrastructure simple and easy. It’s an optional service available to software solutions managed by Intersect that offers multi-layered monitoring and management of everything lower on the stack, including guest operating system, virtual server, and virtual infrastructure. This lets you focus on your application, not the upkeep of technology that enables it.


What is HostTime?

OwnTime Hosting increases the resilience and availability of the target system. Intersect services include:

  • Monitoring and resolution of system resources like memory, disk and CPU.
  • Security patching of the operating system.

“Monitoring” means that the health of the system is monitored by automated monitoring tools like  Any issues are found they are escalated through our Operations protocols and systems. “Management” means responding to and resolving issues detected in a system as well as delivering proactive procedures to prevent issues coming to life.


Performance and Capacity

Standard virtual machine configurations that meets recommended application specifications are proposed for each solution. An optional health check can help optimise and redesign as system performance changes.

Network Implications and Charges

Application responsiveness is heavily influenced by the performance of the underlying network path. Whilst resolution of network issues are outside of Intersect’s direct control, we will work with you to identify and optimise network issues in consultation with your local IT.
Our clouds peer with the Australian Academic Research Network for the fastest possible interconnections. The network differentiates between traffic that stays entirely within AARNet and affiliated networks (“on-net”) and traffic that moves outside of this realm (“off-net”) and may impose charges to subscribers for off-net traffic.  Intersect reserves the right to pass on any off-net charges incurred, though this is not standard practice.

System Availability

Virtual machine operating system images are snapshot and preserved daily for the preceding two weeks and weekly for the preceding two months. In the event of corruption or inadvertent data loss these images can be used to restore the operating system and software application to a stable version. Custom arrangements may need to be made to accommodate hot database servers or active application data. Up to two image restores per VM per calendar year are included. Extra restores and custom arrangements attract additional charges.

How is it charged?

One-time establishment and ongoing monthly consumption charges apply. Pricing varies according to the underlying Virtual Machine configuration and the software solution and is commensurate with the level of effort required to provide the service. Factors that influence cost include the nature of the underlying software stack, the total number of instances of the software deployed and Intersect Time, Space and Energy services consumed.

Beyond hosting

Intersect also offers professional consulting, engineering, testing and benchmarking services – see Software or email for more information.

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