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Intersect DRAs optimise research outcomes through the application of advanced IT solutions. We help researchers better understand and select the most appropriate IT solutions to increase research productivity. We provide advice on availability, access and use of high performance computing (HPC) and cloud computing facilities. We help develop research data management plans to accommodate specific digital storage and collaboration requirements. We work closely with our members to augment local IT services and make capability recommendations. We recommend existing tools to enhance workflow and improve research productivity. We analyse researcher needs to help develop new tools and software where needed. We share best practices across universities, institutes, disciplines and research groups.


What services are available?

Intersect has a team of experts which provides advice or undertake consultancy across a broad range of areas including:

  • Researcher Engagement – our team of eResearch Analysts engage directly with researchers in member organisations providing advice on research computing, data management/storage, collaboration, research tools/software, and training.
  • Requirements Analysis – our eResearch and business analysts work with researchers to determine which of their research bottlenecks can be addressed by the application of information technology, and how to best address those bottlenecks.
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) Advice and Support – our HPC specialists works with researchers to troubleshoot and configure existing tools to work on our HPC infrastructure, as well as to help them design their experiments to make best use of the facilities.
  • Strategic Engagement – we also assist member organisations to develop and implement eResearch strategy and policies that are consistent with international eResearch best practice and that comply with relevant guidelines and codes such as the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

Intersect works closely with the IT, Library and Research Offices within member organisations to enhance local eResearch capability and services offerings.

Who can access the service?

  • Researchers, executive and support staff from any Intersect member organisation.
  • Non-member organisations may also access consultancy and strategic services.

How do I access the service?  

For member organisations:

For non-members:

Send us an email to:

What costs are involved?

  • For member organisations, the costs will generally be included in membership fees.
  • For non-member organisations, a fee will be negotiated reflecting the nature of the work.

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