4th Showcase 2024

The 4th joint showcase between NCI and Intersect Australia is entitled:

AI and Machine Learning in Astrophysics 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been increasingly used in astrophysics research in recent years. Astronomical research has been collecting massive amounts of data and astrophysics where AI comes into play to accelerate a very time-consuming analytical and discovery process. 

Four peak presentations will showcase state-of-the-art research activity in this fascinating field. The internationally renowned scientists reveal how large, high-quality datasets coupled with ML analysis algorithms and modern deep learning methods can play a vital role in the process of understanding the working of the cosmos and unravelling new physics. The presentations are of broad interest to scientists working in the fields of HPC and Big Data, AI and ML, Astronomy, Cosmology and space science more broadly, from advanced graduate research students to early career researchers and beyond. 



Friday 10am – 2pm, 28th June 2024 (AEST)



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