Collaboration with UNE Exercise and Sport Science

Intersect’s Advanced Analytics and AI Platform (3AI) is pleased to announce a new collaboration with University of New England’s (UNE) Exercise and Sports Science academic, Dr Cloe Cummins, on a project to investigate the directional movement patterns undertaken in field sports.

The Exercise and Sports Science Discipline at UNE, have a strong research track record in supporting the training, monitoring and performance of team sport athletes.

Through combining the respective expertise of UNE and Intersect’s Advanced Analytics and AI Platform, Dr Cloe Cummins and the broader research team are,

“excited about the collaborative project potential which will support innovative analytical approaches being applied to exercise and sports science research”.

This project will involve data wrangling of large datasets, machine learning and novel research outputs.

Want to ask about 3AI? Contact us by emailing  or get in touch with:

Dr. Anastasios Papaioannou

Data Science Manager
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