STATS202: Exploring and Predicting Using Linear Regression in R

This workshop is designed to increase participants’ understanding of statistical relationships between data. It introduces principles and methods of regression models using R, and how to interpret relationships between variables. The course covers basic principles of regression methods through to interpreting the output of statistical analyses, and includes practical sessions giving hands-on experience with regression analysis in R.

Brought to you by Intersect in partnership with QCIF and delivered by QCIF.


Learning Outcomes:

  • An introduction to continuous, discontinuous and categorical variables
  • Understanding the relationship between variables and plotting that relationship graphically
  • Calculating parametric and non-parametric correlation
  • Assumptions, errors, and what can go wrong in regression analysis
  • Understand the principles of linear regression methods
  • Identify the appropriate correlation or regression analysis for a dataset
  • Performing simple and multiple linear regression analysis using R
  • Interpret and report on the results of that analysis


Prior experience with R and the RStudio interface is required, as the basics of R will not be covered. Please consider taking our R101: Programming with R training course to come up to speed beforehand.

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