REGEX201: Regular Expressions on the Command Line

Would you like to use regular expressions with the classic command line utilities find, grep, sed and awk? These venerable Unix utilities allow you to search, filter and transform large amounts of text (including many common data formats) efficiently and repeatably.

Learning Outcomes

  • find to locate files and directories matching regexes.
  • grep to filter lines in files based on pattern matches.
  • sed to find and replace using regular expressions and captures.
  • awk to work with row- and column-oriented data.


This course assumes prior knowledge of the basic syntax of regular expressions. If you’re new to regular expressions or would like a refresher, take our Mastering text with Regular Expressions course first.

This course also assumes basic familiarity with the Bash command line environment found on GNU/Linux and other Unix-like environments. Take our Unix Shell and Command Line Basics course to get up to speed quickly.

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