JULIA201: Beyond the Basics: Julia

Authors: Dr Malcolm Ramsay, Dr Anastasios Papaioannou

Course duration: half day

Explore the more advanced features of functions, widely used tools, and benchmarking in Julia

About this course

Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language with more than 4,000 external libraries available. Julia allows you to range from tight low-level loops and conditionals, up to a high-level programming style, with its performance approaching and often matching the performance of the fastest programming languages!

This workshop explores the more advanced features of functions in Julia, introduces widely used tools within Julia, as well as demonstrates the speed of Julia by benchmarking functions and different styles of scripting within Julia.

Join us for this live coding workshop where we write programs that produce results, using Jupyter notebooks, which allow program code, results, visualisations and documentation to be blended seamlessly.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the role of Types within Julia
  • Create functions with complex arguments
  • Demonstrate programming patterns of list comprehension, pipes, and anonymous functions.
  • Benchmark Julia code and understand how to make it fast



 Learn to Program: Julia needed to attend this course. If you already have experience with programming, please check the topics covered in the Learn to Program: Julia to ensure that you are familiar with the knowledge needed for this course.



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