R103: R for Social Scientists

Course Duration: Full Day

Learn about the fundamental concepts in programming using R and apply them to analyse a sample research dataset.

About this course

R is quickly gaining popularity as a programming language of choice for researchers. It has an excellent ecosystem including the powerful RStudio development environment.

But getting started with R can be challenging, particularly if you’ve never programmed before. That’s where this introductory course comes in.

Join us for a live coding workshop where we write programs that produce results, using the researcher-focused training modules from the highly regarded Data Carpentry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Basic syntax and data types in R
  • RStudio interface
  • How to import CSV files into R
  • The structure of data frames
  • A brief introduction to data wrangling and data transformation
  • How to calculate summary statistics
  • A brief introduction to visualise data


No prior experience with programming needed to attend this course.

We strongly recommend attending the Start Coding without Hesitation: Programming Languages Showdown and Thinking like a computer: The Fundamentals of Programming webinars. Recordings of previously delivered webinars can be found here.

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